Steps How in Choosing the Right Computer

Is your computer chugging while loading websites, or takes forever to boot?
Is your computer showing its age? It is probably the time to get a new one. Or maybe you do not own a computer, but finally, you have decided to join the digital world.

Either way, visiting the nearest shop is required, be it online or hight streets. Choosing the best PC may be a daunting task. There are an array of choices to make before you settle on your final brand.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to choose a computer

1. Choosing the Right Processor

A processor is one single most important factor to consider besides cost and performance. There are two main known manufacturers: AMD and Intel. Intel processors are famous in the market, and they are slightly more expensive than their AMD counterparts. However, both of them are excellent choices.

Seeing dual-core, quad-core may make the exercise look scary especially if the terms are new to you. But simply put, the more cores you have, the better, since you can perform more tasks simultaneously. Next, you need to consider the processing speed. The processor speeds are measured in gigahertz (HZ), the higher the number, the better.

Nonetheless, the speed plus the number of cores os the processor determines how fast your PC will be. Depending on the activity you want to carry out. If you are planning to have multiple applications on your computer, then a quadcore with greater speeds will serve the purpose.

2. Hard Drive

Hard disk provides the permanent storage for your computer frequently used data and programs. Today, most hard drives are in gigabytes. Programs, music, and data take a lot of space, thus make sure you have enough space.

3. Memory

After the processor, Random Access Memory is the most significant factor to consider. RAM is the working memory in your computer.

As the computer operates, it uses RAM to process information and programs. If your memory is filled up, the computer will start paging. Today, most machines use 4 GB of RAM, which is ideal for most PCs.

4. Graphics

While there are graphics cards that use shared memory, you need to be aware that it is using your computers RAM as well. Modern games and videos require more from the graphics card. On top of it, you need to choose the right screen size or monitor if you have settled to use a desktop.

5. Desktop or Laptop

In your initial stage, you need to decide whether you will be working from one place. If so, then you need to settle for a desktop since it is cheaper. However, a laptop has the benefits of mobility and smaller in size.

Bonus Tip: When choosing a computer, you should always define your budget and check all the brands for what they offer the same price.

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10 Best Computer Inventions That Changed the World

The computer is undoubtedly among mankind’s most important inventions. We’re living in a digital age, technology is literally at our finger tips every moment of the day now, it’s in our homes, it’s in our cars and it’s in our pockets. But how did we get here? It had to start somewhere. Here is a look at 10 computers that changed the world.

1. Colossus

Colossus has achieved something of a cult status among computer nerds and historians alike. The year was 1944 and the tech-age was just getting it’s feet wet when Colossus came on the scene. Named for it’s massive size, this fully-programmable, digital computer was like nothing ever seen before. While many of it’s programming was done manually by manipulating jacks and wires, Colossus was able to complete complex tasks like nothing before it.

2. Magnavox Odyssey

Before even Atari hit the scene, the Magnavox Odyssey was the first personal, digital gaming system on the market. This monster plugged into your television and used cartridges to play the game. While not as advanced as some of it’s more recent counterparts, this started the personal gaming evolution.

3. Apple I

The Apple I was one of the first personal home computers on the market. It was fairly basic, and required use of your home television to run it, but this beast kick-started the careers of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

4. Commodore PET

The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) is the home computer that changed the world. Now, consumers could have their own computer for gaming, or simple programming in their own homes.


What the Commodore PET started, the IBM PC revolutionized. This computer sold more units every minute than anything before it, and was flying off the shelves faster than they could produce them.

6. Osborne 1

Now that business people had computers at work, and in their home, they wanted a way to transport their files easily from work to home. Enter the Osborne 1, this rough-looking portable computer shaped the way for modern laptops that we have now.

7. The Apple Macintosh

The Macintosh introduced the world to navigating your screen with a mouse in 1984, technology we still use to this day.

8. The Apple iPhone

The release of the iPhone change the way the world works. Now, not only do we have technology and the internet in our homes and places of business, we also had the ability to take the internet with us everywhere we go. While some cell-phones launched prior to the iPhone were data enabled, none of them did it in the way the iPhone did, with sleek graphics, memory and apps.

9. The iPad

With the launch of the iPhone, came the need for a larger, handheld device. So the iPad was born. With interfacing similar to the iPhone, but larger, we now literally had a laptop tha could be held in our hands.

10. The Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface again revolutionized the way we work and stay connected. It is the best of both worlds between being a laptop and a tablet, it’s sleek and slim and you can carry it with you wherever you go. These powerful hybrids have all the benefits and power of a laptop, but the ease of use and minimalist look of a tablet.

The world is forever changing and technology is changing along with us. 30 years ago, home computers were just gaining popularity, and these days, everyone owns one, or two, or three varieties of personal electronics that help them stay connected, learn and run our daily lives.

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